April 20, 2012

The juice story

Summer has begun and its unbelievably hot some days..Kavya had her first taste of a soft drink a few weeks back and has been hooked as usual..We used to refrain from buying these soft drinks just for her sake, but desire got the better out of us !!!! And because of constant drinking of the cold juice, Kavya got cold. So amma said no more juice for Kavya....But Kavya started her crying, so amma decided to give in, but with a twist..She mixed 1 part of juice with two parts of water and gave Kavya a biiig glass full of juice..Kavya took two sips and asked amma Juiceaaa idhu...Idhu enna ???

October 18, 2011

Is this just a phase ?

Kavya is going through this phase where she wants to do everything amma does..If amma wears a pink salwar, she needs a pink pant dress..If amma keeps Santhanam, she wants it too, if amma gets a new dress, she wants one too..The other day when amma went shopping leaving Kavya at home, amma came home with a blue new dress..Kavya started crying on seeing the new dress saying Kavyakku pudhu dress illave ille, Kavyakku pudhu dress venum..Had a tough time calming her down !!!!!

She and Harry Potter

For the past few months, Kavya has developed a liking to listening to stories and trying to use pieces of them in the everyday life..Once she listened to the story of how Ganesha got his elephant head..She saw the Bal Ganesh video and the next thing she does is this -
She dances a few steps, calls it Rudra Thaandi (Rudra thandavam of Shiva when he gets angry with Ganesha for not letting him into his own house)
Then she raises her hand and makes a waving action which calls for whichever person in front of her to fall down (The way Shiva beheads Ganesha)
She then keeps her hand the way Gods bless us, and says Om Namo Namashivaaya (Shiva is blessing Ganesha to become alive)
The fallen person needs to get up and then she will come running to that person and hug him/her while calling Ganeshaaaaa...

Its so much fun to watch her do this, all her chithis keep asking her to do this all the time :-)
Now, she got bored of it in a while...Amma started to watch Harry Potter movies for timepass and Kavya watched it with her...She was hooked to it from the very first time..EVerytime HP comes on screen she used to say Hari Poter..Then one day she asked Amma to tell her the story of Harry Potter..She wanted to know who Dumbledore was...Now she promptly says that Dumbledore is HP's teacher and Ron, Hermione are HP's friends :-) She even weaves her own stories around HP sometimes...We were lighting mathaapoo yesterday..She held it in her hand, saw it for a while and said, Amma paaru Kavyaoda Wand...Amma became so excited and both of them kept saying Illuminus Maximus until the box of mathapoo got over :-)